What is freelance digital marketing?


Freelance digital marketing is the name given to marketing professionals who offer freelancing services to clients. Digital marketing freelancers usually work from home and help companies with various digital marketing related tasks.


The demand for digital marketing jobs is on the rise and this makes freelance digital marketing a great career option.


As a marketing freelancer, you can be your own boss, set your own hours and rules, and at the same time doing something productive and valuable.


If you ever decide to stop freelancing, you can utilize your experience and skills to start your own online business (can be a digital marketing agency or any kind of online business) or even secure a high-paying job and work as a digital marketing manager.



Hot Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs




#1 Digital Marketing Specialist


#2 Content Marketer Specialist


#3 SEO Specialist


#4 Community Marketing Manager


#5 Social Media Specialist


#6 Search Engine Marketing Specialist


#7 Partner Marketing Manager



12 best digital marketing freelancing websites to start your digital marketing freelancing journey



1. Upwork



Upwork may be one of the best freelance websites for finding work no matter what type of freelancer you are. Those in web development, graphic design, customer support, and even freelance writing will find that Upwork has much to offer. The seemingly unending feed of job postings is continually updated. From small businesses to huge corporations, many different types of companies are looking to hire bloggers, freelance designers, and freelance writers through Upwork.


Upwork, formerly Elance-oDesk, has a bit of a learning curve when you first get up and running. You have to learn the artistry to writing effective proposals, and you may have to bid below your pay rate to build up your feedback rating. Many freelance jobs are posted on Upwork, but there’s a hungry audience competing for them. Unless you’re an Upwork superstar, bidding on a project that already has 30 proposals usually isn’t worth it.


That being said, some freelance designers secure plenty of work on Upwork and score project after project. Upwork can be worth the time — it offers the potential for great returns once you’ve established yourself on the platform.



2. LinkedIn and LinkedIn ProFinder



Whatever your field, especially if you’re a creative, you should have a LinkedIn profile.


You can post examples of your work for each role you’ve had, making it more than just a resume. And by having your skills searchable on this platform, you’re bound to bring in some traffic to your profile and connect with people who may be looking for your exact design expertise.


Another smart feature that LinkedIn has rolled out is LinkedIn ProFinder, which helps businesses find qualified people to work for them. LinkedIn ProFinder also sends project leads your way via email, giving you the chance to write a proposal and bid.


And let’s not forget LinkedIn job postings — finding remote, part-time, or full-time work may be just a few searches away. There’s a reason why LinkedIn is one of the best job sites: they continue to deliver what job seekers are looking for.



3. Fiverr



Having a presence on multiple freelancing sites gives you the most exposure.


Yes, many designers are offering their services on Fiverr, often cheaper and of questionable quality, but don’t let this discourage you. If you can create your own niche and specialization as a freelancer on Fiverr, it can be a reliable way to find new projects and earn additional revenue.


Some people may dismiss Fiverr, but it can be one of the best freelance websites if you’re willing to do the hard work it takes to be successful.



4. PeoplePerHour



PeoplePerHour markets themselves as doing a better job of pairing clients with designers.


PeoplePerHour is a UK-based freelancing site that offers both remote and location-based freelance opportunities. They work with clients and freelancers from around the world. There is an application process to join and you are not guaranteed to be approved, but if you are you’ll have access to a wide variety of digital marketing opportunities with international clients.


At the beginning of a project, a client inputs the important details of it. This data is then sent through an artificial intelligence program that analyzes it, then matches the client with designers who would be a good fit. PeoplePerHour aims for a more streamlined process, bringing together designers and clients on their freelance platforms in a more precise way.



5. Freelancer



Freelancer covers many different facets of design work — everything from graphic and logo design to SEO and copywriting writing jobs. Their freelancer website offers a good-looking and easy-to-navigate space, removing the pain points for both designers and clients alike. They’re huge, and many people consider Freelancer is one of the best freelancing websites to search for new design jobs. If you’re after flex jobs, remote work, or other types of positions, freelancer.com has a wealth of potential leads.



6. Flexjobs



FlexJobs doesn’t only provide a platform for freelance work, but it also encourages everyone to try this career path. Furthermore, the freelance website collects jobs from around the world.
At $14.95 a month, you get full access to its wide network of employers, various skill tests, and detailed description of every company.



7. We Work Remotely



We Work Remotely boasts that they get around 2.5 million users a month. That’s huge. They have a multitude of job postings with many design-related offerings. We Work Remotely may feel a bit less personal than more design-centric websites, but the volume of job postings makes up for this.


People or companies seeking designers have to spend a fixed price of $299 to list on We Work Remotely, which acts as a screening process and weeds out a lot of low-quality job leads. With heavy-hitters such as Google, Amazon, and InVision all listed as companies who’ve posted on it, this is a legit platform. And what’s even better, you don’t have to create a profile — all you need to do is click on a job link and be brought straight there.


Whether you’re looking for part-time work or freelance jobs that will keep you busy full time, We Work Remotely has freelance jobs to fit your skillset.



8. SimplyHired



SimplyHired doesn’t charge people to put up job postings, which opens a floodgate of job opportunities. And for freelance workers wanting to be seen by potential clients, SimplyHired makes it super easy to upload a resume and get your profile up and running.


Their job search functions also come in handy, letting you narrow down your searches only to what you’re interested in. Having a focused search is much more valuable than sites that display only loosely related results.


The site also offers great resources for job seekers, with guides on resume writing, cover letter writing, and other information to help you out. SimplyHired puts those looking for work at the center of their experience, and what they offer shows that they are invested in helping others succeed.



9. Guru



Guru has an authentic, grassroots feel to what they do. They encourage transparency on their freelance platform and value trust, making sure that whatever your role, expectations are met. These sensibilities also extend to their job postings, which all clearly communicate what a project entails. There’s nothing sketchy here, making Guru a reputable source to go to if you’re looking for new freelance design work.



10. AngelList



Working with startups can be exciting. You may get the chance to shape a brand’s identity and flex your creativity a bit more than with established companies. AngelList connects freelancers with these up-and-coming businesses.


Who knows which startup will rise up and become the next huge company? You may just get to be a part of the next big thing.



11. Toptal



Toptal is a freelance website that promises companies they can hire the top 3% of global freelancers. Surely, you can be one of them if you work hard enough in building your skills.



12. Hireable



Hireable gives you an opportunity to get a freelance job outside America or Europe with equal opportunity.


It has a straightforward user interface and provides exactly what you expect from a freelance website: you get job alerts, recommendations, and see your saved jobs as well as the jobs you applied for.




Hands-on experience comes your way when you decide to start digital marketing freelancing. You can also think of outsourcing your major skills for a project and obtain vital experience. For example, you can begin as a social media copywriter and later on become a full-time social media manager.




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